Big Bang to perform @ Universal Studios Japan [NEWS]

Shared by on June 9, 2010  

Event: Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010

Organized by the United Nations
Venue: Universal Studios Japan (Outdoor Set)
Dates: July 23-25

Big Bang will be performing on July 24.

More details and how to get tickets here.

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  • Jairamacabeo

    im your number one fan

  • haneulnophi

    they even got a gig organized by United Nations???!!!
    that's what GLOBAL means... ^___^

  • JaeJoongFanGirl64

    Wow this is great I love seeing BIGBANG's performances in Japan because I get to see the JVIPS show love and support for our boys <33

    Also, I'm glad it's organized by the U.N. (United Nations) we definitely need global tolerance in Asia-Pacific and all over the world and music is great way to being people together (:

  • Mrs.Choi.Vip

    yay!!! performance!! means Videos!!! weeeeeeeeeee <3

  • AimiUetaka 上高愛美

    have to gooooooooooo^^

  • Sydney

    wow organized by the UN, really international!

  • JoanJiyong T-Ho

    OMG , i can't say anything because i very very impressed with them :D

  • sun hi

    I adore BB >_< :)............

  • gdgdbabybaby

    Is there anyone that can help me purchase tickets (or can they only be purchased in Japan)? I will be in Japan during this time and Id lovee to go see them...

  • gdgdbaby

    Big bang goes GLOBAL! Way to go boys! :)))))

  • yopjr


  • ji-maine

    ooh yeahh!!BIGBANG JJANG ROCKS!!