Screencaps from Tell Me Goodbye the Making [PHOTOS]

Shared by on June 8, 2010  

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credits: meguse7en/bestiz via shinhdeplol/alla@soompi

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  • Ana Marie Quito

    GD ssi and Taeyang ssi on the 3rd photo. I only see one thing. not gonna say. but still ♥_♥ kekeke~ and them sharing blankets. ♥_♥ bestfriends for life :)

  • aqila khalid

    the last pic: what's Top doing??

  • ReneeRahayu

    GD is very handsome and looks so happy !!!

  • Francesca

    Must've been cold when they were shooting this MV. Our BB boys have grown up to be super fine men. :)

    Saranghae, Jiyongie! :D

  • NathashaSuria Jalani

    they r having soo much funnnn~
    and they seemed a bit cold? i wanna hug them.. kekeke~
    and and and, what the heck is Tabi's doing in the last pic???

  • Jackiemoo

    I guess he's being his usual funny self.....playing around. He can be such a cute grown up - kid :D

  • thyrazine8

    i believe we're thinking the same thing.. (^_< )
    love them all but i'm a GDYBiased... <3

  • Jane❤Na.Risa

    ...Heartattack! Do not look at me like that! Jiyong ssi!
    = =TOKI DOKI~

  • tisya

    I just seen #tellmegoodbye Making video~^^

    GD is so cool!!

    first photo is my lovely face xD

  • Jane❤Na.Risa

    Tisya I am jealous of you for being in Japan~ XD
    Agree with you that GD is cool~ can simply tell from the screencaps. XD
    TOP and Seungri look great from the screencaps as well.
    Hope to see the full version of PV making soon. ^ ^

  • Qu1el

    GD looks so happy here! despite the frickin cold! brrrrrrrrrr.. the boys are freezing..did i say boys? i mean MEN... real HOT MEN!

    funny to see Tabi goofing around in the last photO....kid at heart!

  • Raychelle Paradero

    Aww!!! Jingyo is such a CUTEEEE!!:))) LOve His smile co'z it makes me melt..ahah!!:))

  • Loverofgdragon

    Wow ..........My yong yong........ so cute.........
    Last pic ..... What's top???????

  • Mrs.Choi.Vip

    owh baby what r u doing?? kekeke

  • haneulnophi

    I looove everybody~~~~
    WOW... I felt like I am completely fallin' in love with Bigbang again (not that I ever forget them ^^)
    GD SMILEEE... made my day.... ^______^
    Seungri V-sign so cute~!!! >____<

  • haneulnophi

    I think he was foolin' around like old times...
    Bingu TOP~~~ kekeke.... ^^

  • Iris

    ...that butt.........................O.O

  • Sydney

    jiyong's smile is so great!
    it must've been very windy and cold, they work so hard .__.
    and of course, there's a dorky picture of TOP playing around <3
    also, who's butt is that in the picture with GD on the couch!? LOL

  • Kidemona

    I would have to say that, that is Taeyang's butt. That's the clothes he wears in the video, down to the creases in the back of the vest.

  • Sydney

    LOL well...isn't that interesting.. xD

  • jiyan

    awwww they were so cold during the filmng *hugsss*

  • harko4

    Mischievous look happy in a while!


    LOL TOP @ the last pic <3 i miss them being dorky !!!!!!

  • Florence L


  • Myra Gahid

    GDYB pic made me say awww...
    Last Pic made me smile wide... TOP too playful