Big Bang @ "Into the Fire" VIP Premiere (100608) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on June 9, 2010  

Updated with a bigger version of the pic posted earlier plus a photo with Daesung and Seungri^^

The rest are under the cut.

Source: malover@naver via 캐처@bestiz + via bestiz

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  • gluester

    Why do the boys look bored?

  • tdearos


  • twinightmoouan

    First I thought that is Kara's Nicole too.
    But com'on, is that Minzy ?

    I wanna watch premier with BB boys and 2ne1 gals. XD

  • toozdae

    Me too. I was like "what is Kara doing here, its so awesome that they came out to support BB". Seriously, Minzy is looking hot. She is growing up so fast

  • gluester

    she does look hot in this photo. she finally got rid of that bowl cut.

  • haneulnophi

    maybe it's rather sad????
    because Tabi also cried when the movie end at the pre screening too... ^^
    whoaaa.. Minzy.... X)

  • AsianStop

    I dont know you guys but I loooooove when Taeyang let his beard grow!! GOD!! HE LOOKS SOO MATURE AND HOT!!!!..........

  • Sydney

    hehe it IS 2ne1, i zoomed in and you can see park bom! :)

  • PrincessLeBlanc

    Taeyang looks like he is interested, GD looks bored, Seungri looks semi-entertained and Dae looks like he is trying to pay attention in class....Guess they didn't like the talk back or something? Maybe their all tired from the sudden explosion of events and press stuff.

    Prolly just need a good nap. Especially GD!

  • Mrs.Choi.Vip

    i think they're just tired..huhu straight from japan activities to this event! huhuh

  • haneulnophi

    where you'll gonna put your hands on, Seungri?? kekeke.... DAERI <33

  • wntrademark

    they all look tired but if u watch the video..u'll see that they are so excited/proud of TOP, especially Taeyang. :D

  • K Marina

    seung-ri ahhh are daesung your girlfriend ??? hahaha

  • medicas

    seungri's hairstyle makes him look like a kid again,right? niceee!