Taeyang, “I really want a girlfriend this year” [NEWS]

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This is Part 7 of Taeyang's Star Diary Series with AsiaE. Other parts are here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

With a shy personality, Taeyang (23, Dong Young Bae) has truthfully never really dated anyone.

“I really want to meet a girlfriend this year. I feel like if I get older, I won’t be able to date.”

Taeyang has a couple he envies a lot, Sean and Jung Hye Young. He says when he sees Sean living happily he thinks, “I should live that way too.”

“I think it was 3 months ago. I went to Sean hyung’s house because he said he would make dinner for me. I was eating, and when i saw HyeYoung nuna with HaEum, HaRang, and HaYul, I felt so many things.”

What he saw was the result of a happy home. It was a home that makes you happy even by seeing it.

However, Taeyang is a man weak to dates. He loses his timing by debating, saying, “What if it doesnt work out?” and “Won’t it be a burden?” even if he likes someone.

“I had my first love when I was in school. But I thought I wouldn’t be a help to that person so we didn’t start well. If I think about it now, we could have done well…”
He hesitated again and again because he thought he would give harm to his first love, who was busy studying hard.

“She was studying to go to a high school specializing in foreign languages. She studied a lot, and I saw that she was trapped in making the decision of meeting me or not in that important time.”

Seeing her work hard, he stepped back to help her. After that, Taeyang also never dated after that due to hard practice and busy activities.

He has a personality where when he focuses on one thing, he falls into it, but he is also very cautious and serious, which turned out to be an obstacle in terms of dating.

“You can meet someone comfortably. But why doesn’t that work for me?”

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  • M-sweetlove

    he is so cute. ><

  • haneulnophi

    you'll find that someone too like Sean meet Jung Hyeyoung ^^

  • Jayshadwo

    Oh my man~ He is such a perfect+shy man, so pure!

  • toozdae

    baby Taeyang is soooooo cute. Can I have him, better yet can I have Taeyang's babies

  • ygtaeyangbb

    I'm right here YB!!! Just kidding....I'm just waiting on the day until he finally finds that special person that he can love. YB is such a great guy that it's a tragedy that he hasn't had a girlfriend yet! Whoever she is will be a lucky girl! I just hope that she treats him the way he deserves to be treated or she's going to have some very angry VIPs after her!

  • http://twitter.com/AnaBananaSNAP Ana Marie Quito

    truthfully, when I see, Harang and his siblings and his parents, I feel the same as he is. I want something like that. a happy family. just like my fic. crap my heart is breaking.

    I feel him so much. I've been in a situation like this.
    I hesitated on having a relationship with someone
    cause I know his future is way important to me.

    and Mr. Dong, I want you to find that someone already.
    Even though it'll hurt me, but still I don't want you to be sad
    and think you're alone. We'll find the right ones soon...

  • Kenley

    I really wish he finds his girl real soon. =)
    Maybe he should overcome his shyness around girls by going to shows with girls. Like WGM?
    And I'll take home that overly cutey picture of his. XD

  • sh3sh3

    i'll be your girlfriend X//D

  • GDKey

    I wish he'll find his real girl soon~ and I know He'll find her Co'Z He's TAEYANG!!!!<3
    Taeyang Fighting!!:))

  • Jungjiyoo

    Have you got any idea how many women want you YB? ..I bet it's more than 10,000....

  • atheera

    OMG T_T I really truly wish that he had a girl friend
    he is a good guy and deserve all happiness ..

    youngbae I will make this my birthday wish ^_^

  • anneantoinette

    I just hope that he will finally finds a girl that loves him for who he is and not what he is. And appreciate him - like the way we all VIP do. I have a great feeling that he'll make a perfect boyfriend (and husband as well hehe). Anyone who is going to be with him is damn lucky.
    We all love you Taeyang <3

  • http://twitter.com/melcahmay Melcah May Ofngol

    TaeYang, I can be your girlfriend . lols! JK! XD

  • http://twitter.com/MrsGeeDee Natashia Sutardja

    taeyang soo cute ><

  • cesscris53

    you can have me youngbae~ haha

  • Kroox_side

    well it doesnt really apply to all..
    maybe yours will be something different when it comes to meeting new people cmfortably and liking them..

  • http://twitter.com/justchillin_ Aly.

    If Taeyang likes girls who cares about others, and if taeyang wants to have a girlfriend this year, i so prefer SUNYE of WG :p :) is there anyone else? (:

  • masangcay.ei

    i think the only way for youngbae to find the last love he's talking about is by meeting somebody who would see him outside that fame and fortune he's so into right now. a woman has to see there's something beyond those hot looks and charismatic voice. youngbae isn't tayeyang who launches all those albums and makes the women swoon. youngbae is a man who needs and wants something like all others. in my perspective, the woman whom he will love is somebody who knows there is a distinction between the celebrity and the man.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CSSH7CPCSQLRADCXSAUCJHDCKE Dina Astayeva

    sometimes life presents us what we want on the right time & right place. So, i think now, its ur time Tae Yang to do ur music. u will definitely find a girl who will care about u & wont be just obsessed by u because of ur popularity, but will be by ur side & complete u fully by being ur second half. ;)
    all best wishes!


    he's really pure in such things. calmly attractive

  • Julia

    I will be your girlfriend! =)