Seungri, "As soon as our eyes met, the tears...."

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Part 7 of a 10-part Star Diary Series by AsiaE : Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

“I want to date someone normal. I don’t want this difficult love...”

After parting ways with his first love, Seungri started focusing on practising for the musical ‘Shower’. The girl who had been cheering him on to achieve his dreams was no longer there but that didn’t mean he could give up on them. Then one day, she contacted him before one of his shows.

“She must’ve heard that I was performing. She said she was gonna come watch.”

“Are you gonna come with your boyfriend?” (Seungri)
“...I’m going with a friend.” (Girl)

Seungri wanted to give her the tickets himself but she asked him to send them by post. He wanted to see her face so badly. But he couldn’t refuse her request.

“I gave her the best seats. I checked beforehand where abouts they were from the stage too. But when the time finally came, I couldn’t see her because of the lighting.”

The show continued, and Seungri really put his all into it. He was frustrated at not being able to see her but just the thought that ‘She’s watching me’ made him try his best in every single scene.

“I was singing the last song when suddenly our eyes met. Tears were running down my face before I knew it. I bet people thought ‘Seungri’s good at acting’ at the time, hehehehe.” (Seungri did actually receive good reviews for his performance in ‘Shower’)

He thought, ‘When this song ends, it’ll really be the end of the two of us.’ Behind the stage, he decided to run out and grab her during the curtain call. But when he came back on, her seat was empty.

“I made a huge decision before stepping back on stage but she wasn’t there. But she texted me a while later.”

“You haven’t changed at all. Goodbye.” (Girl)

“Her text probably meant that I was doing everything I wanted so well even without her. I put all my effort into my acting, for her, and even tried to hold her back but that must’ve made her feel distance between us.”

‘I love you’ (Seungri)

Seungri’s cellphone number changed after that day, and his agonising first love finally came to an end.

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  • jenTyu Lee

    owh~~~~~ poor seungri~~~ really a sad love story~~ it's hard to be iDoL~~ nevermind~~~ViPs always LovE u~~ BB members too~~ ^o^

  • kizUna

    honestly, i shed of tears reading this..~ i didnt expect our naughty maknae is very loyal in love..~ i hope all the sacrifice he made will be worthy...~ i bet its worthy..~

  • ScarletYB

    ok, that was seriously VERY touching...i am trying to control my tears since i am in the office!

    i really hope there is somebody in YGE that he is talking to abt all these...

    seungri, fighting! Nuna, neun, saranghae!

  • RC

    I love how SeungRi shares his experiences. He's so open and real... Cheer up baby! Success is never without a price... he may have sacrificed his first love, but at least , from his career right now, I know it has been worth it... If it's true love, it will have its right time.

  • piiin

    oh my! i so love this part. what a love story. that funny guy can be so serious and honest when it comes to love.

  • wintersecrets

    wahh, that was so heartbreaking. i hope you find love Seung Ri!

  • Butet

    That is so heartbreaking!

  • rina

    it is so cruel !
    love is so difficult

  • Theristhes

    Oh my God this is so sad... poor Seungri!!! I hope he does find love soon enough...

  • Stephzilla

    D: SO SAD.

  • tempoisthelove

    omg seungri i'll always be supporting you. HWAITING OPPA T_T

  • JASM

    hey, can anyone tell me what are the variety programmes in this video( link above) that Bigbang was in? and where can i get the eng subbed videos of them?

    thanks a truckloads. (:

  • Quincy

    It's Manwon Happiness. You can check purelime's channel in YouTube, she's got all of them subbed. :)

  • taiiah

    it hurts. ahhh! i feel you seung ri~

  • elfinale_loonie_moonie poor thing....its okay!!i'll cheer u on no matter what!!!i wontbe jealous if u gt a new girlfren!!i hope u find ur 1 true love soon!!

  • bhabygirl

    .. Ouch what a love story..
    but i know you lost her becAuse someone
    is better than her ..
    to be part of your life...
    keep lookiNg

    .. ahe gogogo bHabyboy!!!

  • True BB’S V.I.P

    I could say that I hate that girl for making Seungri so hurt but what's the use? He wants her to be happy that why he agreed to the break-up. So, I can only say one thing, I'm glad that Seungri got over it and is living happily ever after. Well, not really, but you get what I mean rite?

  • Miraniitti

    Aww Seungri! I hope you find her again, this was so damn sad. >.<

  • manichsteffany

    Seung ri i adore you so much. i love your talent. i wish i can meet you one day. that's all right please take care yourself. Saranghae.