Daesung and Seungri on HaHa Mong Show (100501) [VIDEOS]

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Videos are under the cut.

Intro + Like Big Bang Music Video

Talk Cuts

Videos from BBVIPZ~thanks!

On Talk 4 vid with RAP: “The three (Yoona, Yuri and Sooyoung) of them were addressing especially Seungri and at the end also Daesung. Yuri is rapping how Seungri is in the same college as her and that he promised her (in an interview) that he will introduce her to guys on the campus but he still hasn’t done that. Then Sooyoung says that Yuri has been waiting a long time already for him to do that. XD Sooyoung also tells SeungRi that even though he is a sunbae in terms of debuting, but now he’s her hoobae at college and she was also teasing Yuri that she is her hoobae (while Yuri is older) and then Yuri kept on saying sunbaenim to SY. Yoona was saying something about being friends with Seungri (since he is the same age as her) She also said something about Seungri greeting her and then Yuri asked why doesn’t he greet you? and then Sooyoung said something to Daesung. She just said Daesung and then she corrected herself and said Daesung shi. XD She said she can’t speak informal to him (cuz before she was talking informal to Seungri but it’s ok since they are the same age).”