Taeyang shopping with his friends [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Shared by on April 26, 2010  

More photos and video under the cut.

Sources:cyworld+BBCN+ybmania via bb baidu

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  • afagyel

    but i wish fans would for once give them their space. theyre people too. im sure you wont like it if people follow you everywhere and take pictures.

  • AsianStop

    T^T Poor YoungBae.... Let Him Shop in peace!!!! WHy Fans are Like That????

  • http://twitter.com/renKa002 Kara L.

    Though I also would like to give BB space if ever I see them on the street... I bet part of me would want to dash go say hi then run away :))

    Hope he got what he wanted to buy though XD

  • aloakley

    i think the big guy is a bodyguard though. he was pushing them away.

  • sunshine_921

    Taeyang ^^
    Great seeing him; miss him a lot. Lucky fans that managed to get a glimpse. But looked like he had his bodyguard with him. Wish I could have gone shoping with my boo xxxx

  • Theristhes

    You guys who live in Asia are so lucky to be able to spot stars on the street ;_;

  • liliy

    he looking damn fine

  • http://twitter.com/TangmoPann Naphatsorn V

    hope fans give him some spaces =) he looked good hehe