More T.O.P @ 'Into the Gunfire' Filming Set & Conference [PHOTOS]

Shared by on March 24, 2010  

Previously posted photos are here and here.

Check out the rest under the cut!

credit: as tagged (the-crazydog) via BBCN

~awesome photos! My housemates and I literally went crazy seeing these photos. Tabi looked so cute pouting in the last picture :D and the picture of him with his sunbaes is totally love. Way to go Choi Seunghyun!

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  • jenTyu Lee

    omg!!! TOP look totally like little kids around them~~ there's a lot of Big Hyung take care of him~~ so glad to see those pics~~ so cuuuute~~~~~~ i smiLe all away watching ToP cute face~~~ hahahah!!

  • may911_9x

    I love T.O.P but I love G-dragon best

  • Nurul Ain Najihah

    Last pic ! Cute !

  • Lil’

    very cute !!

  • jlwondersky



  • wntrademark

    woooooow.....hes juz soooo handsome. love him..from Bigboy in BB, here he looks like little boy.

  • s_loverbigbang

    part of photo ''top'' look so young...
    when top wearing soldier clothes..he look smart ^^

  • haneulnophi

    little baby TOP~~~ <33
    thanks for sharing~~~~ ^^

  • Theristhes

    AWWWW he looks just like a little kid!!! He's so cute, I LOVE T.O.P!!!!

  • iris

    loving the last pix <3~
    hes so fcking hott! :O

  • TOP fan

    WAH!!! CANT HE GET ANY CUTER AND HOTTER coming from him i wouldnt dare to say NO he ALWAYS GETS HOTTER AND HANDSOME AND HE LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER he was getting a little chubby but now its super fine T.O.P ALL THE WAY!!!

  • piiin

    lol! TOP soooo cute! <3

  • simplygeraldyn♥

    Oh. MY T.O.P. :)) loving it. :D♥

  • AYtinaaachris


  • NNinGgG

    so cute >.< <3

  • ViPxLiZ

    aw <3 TOP oppa looks so cute in thelast picture pouting,
    comparing with the guys around him he looks the baby of the group.
    i still love you TOP <3

  • sexypiggy

    wowww! cool

  • hannie

    I wanna hug and .... him when i see da last pic