God's of Study YG Family version [PHOTOS]

Shared by on March 1, 2010  

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  • http://twitter.com/jiyanz jiyan

    was just bout to post this up. i LOL-ed so hard at kwon jiyong being Pul-Ip. Tabi being baekhyun is still hot XD

  • hanimyrza

    haha..!!hilarious...!!!love the drama....love bb more..>!!!

  • mae_i

    lol.. at GD and YB being female ans seung-ri too.. haha Dae was funny when he looks chubby.. ahw TOP still looks hot.. did i see se7en too and kush? was that minji? who is the old man supposedly?

  • afagyel

    HAHAHAHA i ALMOST didn't recognise Taeyang hahahaha

  • GDForever

    sheung ri looks so gorgeousXDD

  • simplygeraldyn♥

    LOLS. GD. =)) CUTE TOP. ♥

  • piiin

    hahaha! this made my day. lol! <3

  • jac

    this is awesome to the max

  • ladywcat

    G-Dragon really suits

  • SunHee

    It's soooo funny ! i love TaeYang 's pic !! so funny !

  • anukaganbold