G-Dragon singing "Look at me Gwisoon" [VIDEOS]

Shared by on March 25, 2010  

Source:투뱅 @ DCBB
via TheLastVIPonline @ YT

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  • http://twitter.com/CaptainGDragon CaptainG-Sparrow

    his SOO CUTE <3

    saranghaeyo Gdragon <3

  • qu1el

    i remember this!! haha! impromptu! GD just made up that song..which he eventually gave to Dae for his solo..!! just makes me wanna watch the episode again..they thought Gwisoon was the real girl (a dating game`the girl will choose among the 5)..by these time the 3 were already cut out, the three was devastated..which results to the making of the song..TOP was chosen.

  • candy

    I love GD.
    U look so cute on this video

  • Andie

    Yes, I loved that episode too,
    It was hilarious how they were so upset for being rejected.
    Poor YB (with the braids, back then) didn't even stand a chance next TOP.

  • piiin

    lol! GD looks soo cute in this video!! <3