G-Dragon went bowling with Se7en, 2PM's Nichkhun and Junsu and more [NEWS]

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Some fan accounts :

I saw 2PM Junsu, Nichkhun, Big Bang Kwon Jiyong, Se7en, Park Hanbyul, Lee Hyuksu, and the 2NE1 coordi (yanggeng)! I had heard that they came here to hang out but seeing them in person was so amazing T_T They were all so cool looking. Prince Nichkhun was extremely cute. Kwon Jiyong and Junsu were so hot... They were very friendly and close looking. They bowled for a really long time... Se7en and Park Hanbyul were just holding onto each other the whole time. They were all so close!

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Today must be my lucky day or something! It was around 11 PM, I went down to Apkujeong's bowling alley. I went there for the first time and saw 2PM Nichkhun with some girls bowling! About an hour later, there was a whole group formed! Big Bang's G Dragon, 2PM Junsu, Se7en, Park Hanbyul, Lee Hyuksi, 2NE1's coordi. I was so surprised, thought I was going to faint.

Nichkhun, Junsu, and G Dragon sat together and talked for about 10 minutes, then Junsu, GD, and Junsu's friend, and 2NE1's coordi formed a team and went to bowl~ Junsu got a strike and started screaming and hand shaking everyone, it was nice to watch. Most of their friends had a gyopo feel, they were mostly using English.

Se7en and Park Hanbyul, and Park Hanbyul's friend just sat and talked the whole time... Lee Hyuksu was walking back and forth and mingling. It was cool!

I went to a bowling alley in a designer club. I recognized Nichkhun right away because he had NICH KHUN written on the back of his shirt. He was bowling with some girls, and then 2PM Junsu and Big Bang Kwon Jiyong came. I think I saw Lee Hyuksu too. Park Hanbyul and Se7en came also. It was hard not to notice because they looked like they were having so much fun. ^^

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  • afagyel

    lol they are really close i see. Junsu was in YG for quite a while i guess thats why he's close with GD :)

  • Lollidella

    junsu was in YG?! how come i didn't know that? o.0?

  • afagyel

    yeah he was. for a bit. he got accepted to both yg and jyp but he chose to be in jyp. well, that's what i read from wikipedia. :P

  • diya074

    yeah, junsu was a trainee in YG..n he really close with GD..u cn see their closeness at MAMA..love both of them^^

  • http://twitter.com/nomnom_ tdearos

    new members in NUTHANG , GD ?
    haha .. that'd be cool. junsu and khun.

  • xoxo

    wow?? I would jump out in excitement if i was still a GD-Junsu shipper.
    I'm glad GD is having fun!!

  • lanni

    cool, my two fave group are friends! im glad GD is jus chill-laxing n having fun!

  • haneulnophi

    If I was there, there's a big possibility that I would faint.... HAHA...LOL
    nice to now that Jiyong is having good time with his friends... :)
    what a bunch of people we got there... ^^

  • http://twitter.com/wntrademark wntrademark

    wish there are some fan-taken photos frm this.....wanna know ow they r like when they are off the camera n light.

    ps.GD always shines the light anyway. hahaa

  • http://twitter.com/iamjhamiieeVIP Jamie Arago

    who's that 2NE1 coordi ?? wow its a great thing that theirs a BigBang 2PM LOVE :D ♥


    wow, only after 2yrs i found out that 2pm and GD are friends.. nice to know. kya!~~~~

  • Dhounts

    its so nice to see jyp artists hanging out with yg :)