Big Bang @ Lotte Family Concert (100306) [PHOTOS]

Shared by on March 6, 2010  

More awesomeness after the cut.

Sexy Maknae ^_-

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Credit: As tagged
Source: BBVIPZ (via Shinhdeplol, ncly @ soompi)
Song List:

Haru Haru
Last Farewell
How Gee
Let Me Hear Your Voice
Gara Gara Go 「ガラガラ Go!」
Sunset Glow

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  • Little ben n’ baby SeungRi

    His little finger >>> SeungRi* so cute. ^.^

  • afagyel

    whoa GD!! That photo of him looks like a magazine cover or something!

  • fillefantblue

    O.O ToDae moments *scream*

  • Romi

    Awee Maknaeeeeee

  • hyukrie

    haha cute ~

  • wintersecrets

    they also sang Lies and Sunset Glow

  • Andie

    Thank You for commenting!
    It's updated now.

  • jiyan

    ohh gosh. I'm so speechless at Tabi's outfits. i don't like the green jacket! gosh. but ToDae moments r adorable <3 kwon jiyong looks hot in the last picture ^^

  • haneulnophi

    ah, miss them singing together in one stage~~
    official comeback please,,,, =D

    Tabi,, haha... that fashion of yours,,, total Bingu! :D

  • mae_i

    they all look hot.. and i love their list of songs.. hmmmm i really miss seeing bigbang perform

  • BBTYlover

    horribly amazing pics
    : )

  • Rozi_n2004

    im from in iran and ilove you