Shine A Light on TBS (Cuts) [VIDEOS]

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Some HQ cuts after the jump.

The Leaders

Hello with 2NE1's Dara


Opening + Heartbreaker + This Love

A Boy + Dangerous


Look At Me with Taeyang

But I Love You

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  • drive

    Yes i'm glad they released it!!
    darn that allkpop writer who wrote his allkpop articles as if there really was dry hump action.. WATCH THIS VIDEO before u write those bullsh*t.


  • jiyanz

    i'm dying. it was so fucking hot, freaking freaking turned me on. (are we allowed to be horny here? XD) i agree that YG should've set an age restriction BUT that wasn't dry humping. they weren't even moving their bodies that much at all. =/

    OMG I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SHE'S GONE. fancam was already enough to kill =/

  • lorrè_éne

    T_T, i can go sleep Now, Thx , some of US (french-fan) wait all this afternoon, with Keyhole, for Watch Shine a light on TBS, but NOthing !!!!!!
    T___T Thx, thx YOU!!!!!!!!

  • xancer

    cant wait to the rest of concert.... :)

  • gdlyn

    this was sooooooo epik!!!!
    and hey humping was never done with this netizens were tooo much!!!
    cant they see it through there eyes or theyre just

    well GD still great crazy HAWT!!!!!


  • oopsmybad
  • mae_i

    great.. !!awesome.. it's a good thing Japan released it..
    G-Dragon was freaking awesome..
    the performance was HOT indeed!!
    all those dancing.. gahd.
    and the breathe wasn't even what they make out to be as dry-humping!!
    they should have watched this video first..
    aimee was so lucky to be with GD in that skin-ship/ performance
    i can see GD's muscles.. ooowwweeee!!!!!
    i hope the other performances where shown too..
    wanna watch She's gone.. and the 1 year station was short.. :( that's my favorite song of GD..
    how is GD's case going?!