"Big Bang's Style" on We Got Married? [MISC]

Shared by on February 15, 2010  

Haven't watched the full episode yet but as you can see, they're looking for clothes for their foreign guest and Ga In is looking for something with "Big Bang Style".

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  • gladysr

    Haha....how cute~

    I haven't finished watching this episode but they look like they were having a good time~

    I have to agree with Ga-In~ I also look up to Big Bang and 2NE1 for fashion and style. They're always my inspiration. So cool. So out there. Definitely hot~

    Just like my T.O.P and GD....baby got style~

  • diya074

    its so obvious that GA-in is a Bigbang fan..in recent interview she said that she will only buy Bigbang cd cuz they hv their own style, include gd's new album dispute all cntrovrsie ,gd has own style..i love ga-in!!!lols

  • aloakley

    lol the outfit they dressed the guy in is exactly the same as what g-dragon wore in a photoshoot on 2ne1tv XD. she really loves bigbang

  • afagyel

    hahaha Ga-In is such a bigbang fangirl. How cute. :P
    @gladysr i have to agree with you! I, too, look up to BB and 2ne1 when it comes to fashion. Lol, there's no doubt that BB is the number 1 fashionista in the kpop world. ;)