G-Dragon Continues to Perform Despite Injury

Posted July 18, 2007 by

G-Dragon of the group Big Bang surprised the fans by carrying on with the concert despite the injury.

On the 15th, G-Dragon was performing at a ‘Want You Concert’ that took place at Changwon KBS Hall, when he was hit in the eye with a fragment of the firework as the second song ‘Heundeuro(Shake)’ was about to start.

Although the accident happened in the beginning of the performance, he went on with the concert without expressing any signs of pain. No one had known about his injury until the next day.

“Everyone was surprised to see G-Dragon the next day with a bandage on his eye. I heard that the doctor examined his eye and said that he was lucky the fragment did not hit the pupil, thus he does not have to worry about his eyesight.” said an official at the agency YG Entertainment.

Another member of Big Bang, Tae Yang, had also proven how hard the group is trying to satisfy the fans by enthusiastically performing after getting an IV injection for the concert at Daegu.

In the mean time, Big Bang’s first countrywide concert tour will end on the 29th this month.

Credits: Segye Ilbo